Reasons to Change the Oil in Your Air Compressor

If you own an air compressor, it is important to change the oil in the unit on a regular basis. There are many reasons to regularly change the oil in your unit, but you need to start with the right air compressor oil first. Use the owner’s manual that came with the unit to find out the right oil. You can also ask the pros who can provide you valuable information.

Just like an automobile, a lawn mower, or other items that have a motor, the air compressor depends upon oil to keep it running smoothly. And, just like oil gets dirty in these other items, it also gets dirty inside of the air compressor, too. If you do not change the oil, it causes the air compressor to work harder, causes parts of metal to rub together, and causes sludge build-up. But that’s not the only damage that you might experience when the oil in your unit needs changing.

You will save money when you keep the oil in the air compressor maintained. The money that you save comes from a reduction in the need for repairs, as well as a saving on your monthly utilities. It is nice to keep more money in your pockets now and again and when you’re changing the oil, you are taking the right steps to success.

When you maintain your air compressor, you’ll also get a longer lifetime from the unit. Obviously, you want the unit to last if possible so you get your money’s worth from the machine. With regular maintenance, including oil changes, this is one less thing that you must worry about.

Aren’t these benefits of an oil change for the air compressor impressive? If you use an air compressor, change the oil, and enjoy these and more.