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And the award for best adapted screenplay goes to

Have you heard that announcement before? Never mind the main award winners. These are usually given to best actor or actress. The so-called top awards are also awarded to best picture (or movie) and the director that put it all together. And of course, there’s the mind-crunching theme song to go along with the often forgotten screenwriter who has produced the best screenplay at the main awards ceremonies.

All in all, these awards, among others, tend to go towards the successful completion and screening of mainstream movies or made for TV shows. It is interesting to note that the mainstream public barely notices the work that is based on the fine craft and creative and literary nous of the accomplished screenplay writer. It is also often said that not anyone can specialize in adapted screenplay writing. That’s nonsense.

If you have a very strong interest and growing knowledge and appreciation of literary works, in both reading and writing practice, you could consider someday writing an adapted screenplay. Whether it is the mainstream awards ceremonies in Los Angeles or New York, or the independent gatherings in different parts of the country, there are those who notice the work done by adapted screenplay writers. The film critics appreciate a good work of art when they see it, and read it.

If you have a love for languages and literature, and have a love for movies to boot, you could grow to have a fond appreciation for this specialized genre as well. It takes time and practice to produce a good body of work, made up of endless readings and re-drafting of the original literary material. Not altering the original story and necessarily condensing it is difficult and intricate, but a highly pleasurable creative experience.