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Junior Underwear And How To Buy Them

Parents who have to buy underwear for their young children are often at a loss for how to decide what junior underwear to buy. The short answer is to avoid the underwear sold in plastic packs of three, but there are many criteria to look at. This applies doubly if you’re buying underwear for a girl that just recently started to wear bras.

For young children, the size and material of underwear is important. The underwear should not sit very tightly, but instead just tightly enough to prevent it from slipping off. The reason for this is that tight elastic bands could cause discomfort and in more serious cases even some mild bruising. While this is unlikely, it is something to think about. The material s probably the most important thing to take note of, especially if the child in question is prone to having sensitive skin. Some harsh materials, chemicals or dyes used on the underwear could cause everything from rashes to infections. It’s best to stay in the clear and stick to breathable, plain cotton underwear for children.

Coming back to bras, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying bras for young girls. Firstly, the fit. Dads are likely to just grab whatever training bra they see and buy it, but getting the right it is important. If she develops rapidly, training bras won’t cut it for long either. Take her to get sized professionally for the best results. It would be a good idea to get her sized each time you buy new bras to make sure that she gets the right fit, at least until she stops growing, by which time she can go bra shopping on her own.